OmniBuilder is a tool which manages the full lifecycle of the application. OmniBuilder generates complete, fully functional applications in a variety of technologies. It captures the full business model, including business rules, requirements and Use Cases. Business templates can be imported to jump-start the application.

Real-time prototypes are driven from the business model in an iterative approach to application building. The fully functional prototypes present and manage objects, relationships, triggers, business rules, master-detail screens, windows, menus, security, etc.

Interface design components can be chosen declaratively. Also custom design patterns and features can be added freely.

OmniBuilder generates all application components: server objects, client modules, middleware protocols, documentation and online help. OmniBuilder's architecture guarantees independence in target language technology (e.g. Java, C++) and implementation structure (e.g. multi-tier, Intranet, etc.). It can also be customized and extended by the user to meet specific requirements, and is designed to accommodate new technologies as they come along.

Even after deployment, OmniBuilder manages all changes as the application evolves alongside the business. OmniBuilder's unique Just in Time Generation shows the impact of all business changes and generates only components which need regeneration, not trampling your custom work.

Full user and system documentation is generated from the Business Model. On-going support of the application is greatly simplified since all components are stored in the repository and accessible to developers.

Generates Complete Applications OmniBuilder generates the most complete and functional applications of any Application Generator. Applications can include complex window controls, menus, navigational structures and full security, all of which are generated and managed by OmniBuilder. Although OmniBuilder's philosophy is to generate as much as possible of the code, at any stage you can customize the application precisely to your needs.
Business Driven OmniBuilder ensures that the finished application complies in all respects with the requirements specified in the Business Model. Your major investment is in the Business Model, with a greatly reduced emphasis on the implementation or coding of the application.
Live Object Modeling Prototyping in real time may be done continuously based on the Business Model. This allows developers to modify and test the Business Model freely until it is a full and correct foundation for the application. At any time, as the business changes or as a "what if" tool, the Business Model and the application can be modified slightly or radically. The application can evolve alongside the business itself.
Reusable OmniBuilder is based on an SQL repository with full object export and import capabilities. All business and design concepts are captured in a manner that encourages their re-use through the use of templates and design patterns.
Team Development Environment OmniBuilder allows team members to work together on complex applications, and guides their efforts while managing the full application lifecycle. OmniBuilder facilitates the greatest productivity — productivity which is focused continuously on the business itself.
SUMMARY OmniBuilder significantly reduces the time and cost required to build complex applications. More importantly, applications generated by OmniBuilder are of higher quality and conform more exactly to the business needs than those built by traditional methods. OmniBuilder provides complete application generation based on information captured in the Business Model making applications developed with OmniBuilder readily adaptable to changing business environments.